Dr. Cassandra Hayes is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist whose work involves the assessment and treatment of many types of psychological difficulties, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance disorders, interpersonal and relationship problems, sexual disorders, grief and loss, and adjustment to medical disorders. 


Dr. Hayes has extensive experience in psychological testing and evaluation, particularly in the forensic setting. Forensic services in criminal law can include pre-trial psychological testing, assessment, and consultation; trial consultation; assessment for parole or probation; and therapy services. Dr. Hayes also provides psychological evaluations for civil and immigration law cases.


She also has specialized knowledge and experience in sport & exercise psychology and has consulted with athletes of all ages in the development and maturation of sport-related psychological skills pertaining to performance anxiety ("choking"), fear of injury and re-injury, recovering from injury, difficulties sustaining focus or concentration, aggression enhancement, burnout and motivation enhancement, and career transitions out of sport.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Hayes does not accept health insurance. However, she can provide a "superbill" (statement of services) that you can send to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits (if applicable).

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