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Forensic Psychology Services

Dr. Hayes has specialized knowledge and experience in the area of forensic psychology, which is the application of psychological principles and concepts to the legal system. Forensic services can include psychological assessment, consultation, and expert testimony. She is also licensed as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP) in the State of Texas.



Common referral issues for

criminal cases include:


Competency to stand trial

Criminal responsibility (sanity at the time of the offense)

Mitigating factors

Sentencing recommendations

Forensic personality assessment


Assessment of future risk

Evaluation of witness credibility

Trial consultation

Given her interest and experience in both forensic and sport psychology, she is one of the few experts in the Houston, Texas area who specializes in forensic sport psychology, which is the interplay between sport and the legal system for professional and collegiate athletes.

Common referral issues for

civil and employment law cases include:

Emotional factors related to personal injury

Psychological factors related to harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace

Psychological factors related to discrimination

Fitness for duty

Trial consultation

Common referral issues for

immigration cases include:

Extreme and exceptional hardship

Political asylum

U visas

Violence Against Women Act

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Hayes does NOT conduct evaluations for family law or child custody cases.

Fees vary depending on the type of evaluation. Dr. Hayes works directly with attorneys seeking evaluation or consultation services for their clients. Phone consultations lasting 15 to 20 minutes regarding potential services are complimentary for attorneys, but consultation will be billed at the usual hourly rate after a contract, agreement, or court order is initiated.

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